DDR Media Services has an extensive background in designing customized web sites from the ground up for our clients. Whether you’re looking for a completely new website using the latest in programming, design, and web hosting technology, or looking for an update on the performance, appearance, or branding of your existing website, we have you covered. DDR Media Services also offers Web Hosting with competitive rates for your business.

Our dedicated team of full-stack developers work to craft and design your website using WordPress open source content management system. WordPress is an industry standard for web site creation and has been used by multitudes of very successful companies, including: The Walt Disney Company, LinkedIn, The New York Times, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, and eBay. For a more comprehensive list of notable companies that use the WordPress platform, visit https://wordpress.com/notable-users/

Using the latest in digital design and editing software, along with years of experience across numerous fields, our team is also fully equipped to create content for your website.  With a diverse skill set including graphic design, branding, marketing, photography, videography, professional writing, music production and voice recording, we can ensure that not only does your website have excellent design, but also engaging content to keep your audience coming back. For more information on our content creation services, see our Graphic Design page here, and our Photo/Video page here.

A great website is no good if nobody visits it. For this reason, we are proficient in and offer Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing services to make sure that your audience can  easily find and follow your business online. Websites like Google and Facebook are constantly changing the ways that they rank and display your business. Our effective and ever-evolving methods, paired with our analytics software and market research, ensures that your website doesn’t get lost beneath the waves in the sea of online competition and ranking trends. For a more detailed explanation of our Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, please visit our SEO/SMM page here.

Here are some examples of the web design work we have done for clients in the past:

Watch your rankings soar.

Our Search Engine Optimization services will light a fire under your search engine rankings, and draw more viewers to your business.